Pagon Hill
Pagon Hill campsite in 1982
Highest point
Elevation1,875 m (6,152 ft)[1]
Prominence955 m (3,133 ft)
ListingCountry high point
Spesial Ribu
Coordinates4°17′40″N 115°19′20″E / 4.29444°N 115.32222°E / 4.29444; 115.32222[1]
Native nameBukit Pagon (Malay)
Pagon Hill is located in Brunei
Pagon Hill
Pagon Hill
Location in Brunei
Pagon Hill is located in Malaysia
Pagon Hill
Pagon Hill
Pagon Hill (Malaysia)
CountryBrunei and Malaysia
Districts of BruneiTemburong
States of MalaysiaSarawak
Mukim or DivisionAmo and Limbang

Pagon (Malay: Bukit Pagon) is the highest mountain in Brunei. It is situated on the border with Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Pagon Hill is located in the Temburong District of Brunei. This district is separated from the rest of Brunei by part of the Sarawak State of Malaysia.

The pitcher plant species Nepenthes lowii can be found on the slopes of this mountain.[2]

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