Pakistan Coast Guards
پاسبانانِ ساحلی پاکستان
Coats of arm of Pakistan Coast Guard
Country Pakistan
TypeCoast guard
RoleRiverine warfare, maritime law enforcement, and Search and rescue
Size15,000 active-duty personnel:11[1]
10 fast patrol boats
Part ofMinistry of Interior
HeadquartersKarachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Motto(s)Defending and Protecting what is Rightfully Ours
ColorsDark blue, green and white
Commander-in-ChiefPresident Arif Alvi
Director-General of Coast GuardsBrig Saqib Qamar
Aircraft flown
HelicopterBell 206 Jet Ranger

The Pakistan Coast Guards (reporting name: PCG) (Urdu: پاسبانانِ ساحلی پاکستان‎) is a military branch within the Pakistan Armed Forces that is dedicated for the riverine operations by taking responsibility for conducting the anti-narcotics missions, mounting efforts for the anti-human trafficking, illegal immigration through the coastal areas, and taking initiatives in the anti-smuggling.[2]

The Coast Guards branch is distinguished from the Navy's Maritime Security Agency (MSA). The MSA has the ability to conduct search and rescue operations in deep sea and has foremost responsibility of defending the coastal areas while conducting military operations for maritime law enforcement in national and international waters.

On the other hand, the Army's Coast Guard is responsible for a policing role by preventing criminal activities such as smuggling, human trafficking through the coastal areas such as country's beaches.[2]


From 1947–60s, the Pakistan Customs had the law enforcement responsibility for the defense of land and sea based frontiers of Pakistan with the objective to prevent smuggling of contraband items into and from Pakistan.[3] In 1971, the headquarters of the Coast Guard was established in Karachi with Pakistan Army's Brigadier Sajjad Husain becoming its first director-general.[3]

Its constitutional status was granted through the Parliamentary procedures in 1972 and became a federal law enforcement agency in 1973 while remaining a branch with the Army.[3] The Pakistan Coast Guards are responsible for maintaining the constitutional law at the Pakistan's beaches and patrolling the riverine platforms while the combat sea-based search and rescue missions, enforcement of admiralty law in the international waters, and preventing the armed piracy falls under the responsibility of the Maritime Security Agency (MSA).[4]

Since then, it has upgraded its facilities and fleet to bolster its capabilities of littoral patrolling of the coast line. The Army's Coast Guard is headed by an appointed Brigadier who is formally known as Director General. The officers of the Force are seconded from the Army and Navy for a period of two to three years, while the troops are permanent.[2] In addition to land based troops, the Coast Guards also maintains a small fleet of patrol boats to perform its sea-borne duties, although the operations in deep water and dangerous undertaking are conducted by its counterpart Maritime Security Agency (MSA) of Pakistan Navy.[2]

The exact number of personnel and equipment held with Coast Guards remains classified.[2] The Pakistan Coast Guards works under administrative control of Ministry of Interior in peace time whereas it will come under operational control of Pakistan Army in wartime situations.[2]

The Organization

Headquarters and Battalions

The Headquarters with its complements and PCG Hospital.[2]

PCG Battalions are led by commandants with the rank of lieutenant colonel, appointment coming from the Army.[2] The Battalions are located as follows:

The battalions are each subdivided into 3-4 companies (commanded by majors/captains seconded from the Army).[6]

Marine Wing

Pakistan Coast Guards as a whole is spread all over to safeguard coastal belt of 1050 km as well as up to 12 NM Territorial Waters of Pakistan. Marine Wing of PCG is entrusted with the responsibility of 12 NM of territorial waters.[2] The Marine Wing is based at Karachi and commanded by a commander of operation branch, seconded from Pakistan Navy. MW is equipped with Fast Patrol Crafts, lethal Interceptor Boats and other Utility Boats with latest equipment on board.[2] MW has full facility to train its men in the relevant fields and able to conduct general and technical cadres. Marine Wing PCG has also established Search and Rescue Centre to safe the precious life in distress and to prevent property loss or damage.[2]

Mounted Infantry Troop

AT Coy is based in Korangi with a Training Wing and is responsible for maintaining horses, camels and cattle for use in the field, as well as a dog section. It is commanded by a seconded captain from the Remount, Veterinary and Farm Corps (RV&FC) of the Army.[2]

Roles of PCG


To keep a check on smugglers and stop their activities of smuggling (inbound as well as outbound) through the sea routes. PCG Battalions have special check posts all along the coastal belt and also pickets the threatened areas randomly.[2] In addition, The Intelligence Wing has a network of agents and informers and establish pickets in consultation with Commandants of the PCG Battalions when a potential smuggling activity is reported to take place. PCG has been equipped with modern communication and surveillance equipment; including radars, to perform this task.[2]

Human Trafficking

The Pakistan Coast Guard has in recent years, undertaken greater operations against drug & weapon and even human trafficking/smuggler networks operating in the coastal waters.[2]

Counter Narcotics

PCG is responsible for narcotics control along Pakistan's coastline.


PCG Air Wing

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