Native toPapua New Guinea
RegionEast Sepik Province
Native speakers
220 (2011)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ppe
Coordinates: 4°34′37″S 141°57′42″E / 4.576892°S 141.961762°E / -4.576892; 141.961762 (Paupe)

Papi (Paupe; also known Baiyamo[2]) is an alleged Sepik language spoken in East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea. Glottolog leaves it unclassified.[3]

It is spoken in the single village of Paupe (4°34′37″S 141°57′42″E / 4.576892°S 141.961762°E / -4.576892; 141.961762 (Paupe)) in Tunap/Hunstein Rural LLG of East Sepik Province.[1][4]


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