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The Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) manages the sports of parachuting and skydiving in South Africa on behalf of the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

Mission statement

To foster, develop and facilitate sport parachuting, in all its facets, within South Africa, in the safest and most progressive manner, on behalf of its members.[1]


The structure of PASA consists of a Management Council and two subsidiary associations, namely the Association of Drop Zone Operators (ADZO) and the Sport Skydivers Association (SSA).

All affiliated Drop Zone Operations have a seat on the ADZO board. The duties and responsibilities of ADZO include, inter alia:

The Sport Skydivers Association consists of committees for each one of the FAI recognised disciplines, and for Wing Suiting, a Judges Committee and three Non-Executive Directors. These committees are tasked with organising and promoting their respective disciplines within South Africa by:

Affiliated Clubs

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