Paramesenteric gutters
Diagram devised by Delépine to show the lines along which the peritoneum leaves the wall of the abdomen to invest the viscera.
Anatomical terminology

The paramesenteric gutters (paramesenteric recesses or infracolic spaces) are two peritoneal recesses – spaces in the abdominal cavity between the colon and the root of the mesentery. There are two paramesenteric gutters; the left paramesenteric gutter and the right paramesenteric gutter.

They are also sometimes, but incorrectly referred to as other paracolic gutters. Paracolic gutters are recesses between the abdominal wall and the colon.

These gutters are clinically important because they allow a passage for infectious fluids from different compartments of the abdomen.

The right paramesenteric gutter

This space is defined by:

The left paramesenteric gutter

This space communicates with the pelvic cavity and is defined by:

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