Parliament of Vanuatu

Palamen blong Vanuatu
Parlement du Vanuatu
13th Parliament
FoundedJuly 1980
Preceded byNew Hebrides Representative Assembly
Seoule Simeon, LM
since 15 June 2021
Charlot Salwai, RMC
since 6 October 2023
Leader of the Opposition
Bob Loughman, Vanua'aku Pati
since 4 November 2022
Seats52 members
Political groups
  •   UMP (7)
  •   VP (7)
  •   RMC (5)
  •   LPV (5)
  •   GJP (4)
  •   RDP (4)
  •   NUP (3)
  •   IG (3)
  •   PPP (3)
  •   VNDP (2)
  •   LM (1)
  •   Nagriamel (1)
  •   PUDP (1)
  •   VPDP (1)
  •   UCM (1)
  •   NCM (1)
  •   VLM (1)
  •   NM (1)
  •   Independents (1)
Single non-transferable vote
Last election
13 October 2022
Next election
Meeting place
Port Vila

The Parliament of Vanuatu (Bislama: Palamen blong Vanuatu; French: Parlement du Vanuatu) is the unicameral legislative body of the Republic of Vanuatu.

It was established by chapter 4 of the 1980 Constitution, upon Vanuatu's independence from France and the United Kingdom.[1]

The functioning of Parliament is derived from the British Westminster system, and includes the principle of parliamentary supremacy, within the limits of the Constitution. The President, as a figurehead, may not veto parliamentary legislation, unless he considers it may be contrary to the Constitution, in which case he may refer it to the Supreme Court, and veto it only if the Supreme Court declares it to be contrary to the Constitution. Parliament is composed of fifty-two members, directly elected by citizens from multi-member constituencies for a four-year term.[1][2]

Parliament elects the Prime Minister from among its members. Members of Parliament are also, along with the presidents of Regional Councils, members of the electoral college which elects the President, for a five-year term.[2]

The current Speaker of the Parliament is the Hon. Seoule Simeon who has held the position since June 2021.


This is a list of members of the 12th Parliament of Vanuatu returned in the 2022 elections.

Constituency Winning candidate Party
Torres (1 seat) Claude Christophe Antoine Emelee Vanuatu National Development Party
Banks (1 seat) Jack Wona Vanuatu National Development Party
Santo (7 seats) Rick Mahe Tchamako Reunification Movement for Change
Ati Camillo Iauko Group
Samson Samsen Vanua'aku Pati
Lulu Sakaes People's Progressive Party
Pikoune Joshua Leonard Nagriamel
Vari Peter James Unity for Change Movement
Gaetan Pikioune Vanuatu Liberal Movement
Luganville (2 seats) Marc Ati Iauko Group
Matai Seremaia Nawalu Leaders Party of Vanuatu
Malo/Aore (1 seat) Wesley Langi Rasu Vanua'aku Pati
Malekula (7 seats) Sato Kilman People's Progressive Party
Marcelino Barthelemy Reunification Movement for Change
Terry Alick Land and Justice Party
Esmon Esai Saimon Vanua'aku Pati
Sanick Asang Asang was removed from parliament in 2023 due to ineligibility[3] National United Party
Don Ken Stephen Elected in by-election to replace Sanick Asang[4] People's Progressive Party
Gracia Shadrack Leaders Party of Vanuatu
Hymak Anatole Union of Moderate Parties
Paama (1 seat) Job Sam Andy Leaders Party of Vanuatu
Ambrym (2 seats) John Damassing Salong Land and Justice Party
Bruno Leingkone Tau National United Party
Ambae (3 seats) Jay Ngwele Rural Development Party
James Bule People's Unity Development Party
Still John Tari Qetu National United Party
Maewo (1 seat) Ian Wilson Ngwasoanda Custom Movement
Pentecost (4 seats) Charlot Salwai Reunification Movement for Change
Blaise Sumptoh Rural Development Party
Marc Muelsul Rural Development Party
Silas Bule Melve National United Party
Epi (2 seats) Seoule Simeon Laverwo Movement
John Roy Nil Vanuatu Progressive Development Party
Tongoa (1 seat) John Amos Namarakieana Movement
Shepherds (1 seat) John William Timakata Vauna'aku Pati
Efate (5 seats) Norris Jack Kalmet Reunification Movement for Change
Jean Baptist Tama Independent
Andrew Samuel Kalpoilep Union of Moderate Parties
Gloria Julia Kings Union of Moderate Parties
Luo Jesse Union of Moderate Parties
Port Vila (5 seats) Justin Ngwele Rural Development Party
Ralph Regenvanu Land and Justice Party
Harry Anthony Iarrish Union of Moderate Parties
Ishmael Kalsakau Union of Moderate Parties
Sumptoh Ulrich Reunification Movement for Change
Tanna (7 seats) Harry Xavier Emanuel Iauko Group
Jotham Napat Leaders Party of Vanuatu
Andrew Solomon Napuat Land and Justice Party
Johnny Koanapo Rasou Vanua'aku Pati
Nako Ianatom Natuman Union of Moderate Parties
Simil Kalptu Johnson Youse Vanua'aku Pati
Bob Loughman Vanua'aku Pati
Tafea Outer Islands (1 seat) Netvunei Tomker Leaders Party of Vanuatu
Source: Vanuatu Electoral Office

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