Pashtun Zarghun District

پښتون زرغون ولسوالی
ولسوالی پشتون ‌زرغون
Pashtun Zarghun District
Pashtun Zarghun District
Location in Afghanistan
Coordinates: 34°17′0″N 62°37′0″E / 34.28333°N 62.61667°E / 34.28333; 62.61667Coordinates: 34°17′0″N 62°37′0″E / 34.28333°N 62.61667°E / 34.28333; 62.61667
Country Afghanistan
ProvinceHerat Province
 • Total90,817
Time zoneUTC+4:30

Pashtun Zarghun District (Pashto: پښتون زرغون ولسوالی‎ / Persian: ولسوالی پشتون‌ زرغون‎), formerly known as Posht-e Zirghān[2] or Posht-e Zirghūn (Persian: پشت زرغون‎), is situated in the central part of Herat Province, Afghanistan in the valley of the Hari River. The district center is Pashtun Zarghun.


Pashtun Zarghun District borders Karukh District to the North, Obe District to the east, Adraskan District to the south and Guzara District to the west.


The estimated population of Khoshi District in 2008 was roughly 90,817.[3]


In 2008, there were around 4 high schools and 20 secondary schools in the district.


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