Pasicles of Thebes (Greek: Πασικλῆς ὁ Θηβαῖος; 4th century BC) was a Greek philosopher and brother of the Cynic philosopher Crates of Thebes. He attended the lectures of his brother Crates,[1] but he is otherwise connected with the Megarian school of philosophy, because Diogenes Laërtius calls him a pupil of Euclid of Megara,[2] and the Suda calls him a pupil of an unknown "Dioclides the Megarian."[3] Pasicles is said to have been the teacher of Stilpo, who became leader of the Megarian school.[1] Thus we have the implausible (although not impossible) situation of Pasicles teaching Stilpo, Stilpo teaching Crates,[4] and Crates teaching Pasicles. Crates named his son Pasicles.[5]


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