Peak Nam Toong Temple
KotaKinabalu Sabah Peak-Nam-Tong-Temple-01.jpg
AffiliationBuddhism, Taoism
DistrictKota Kinabalu District
LocationKota Kinabalu
Geographic coordinates5°57′1″N 116°4′33″E / 5.95028°N 116.07583°E / 5.95028; 116.07583Coordinates: 5°57′1″N 116°4′33″E / 5.95028°N 116.07583°E / 5.95028; 116.07583
TypeChinese temple, pagoda
Date established1970

Peak Nam Toong Temple (Chinese: 碧南堂) (also called as Peak Nam Tong Temple)[1][2] is a Chinese temple located among housing estate beside Lorong Bunga Bakawali 3 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.[3]


The temple was established in 1970 before undergoing renovation in 1982 with the temple patron deity are delivered from Anxi of Fujian Province in China.[2][3]


The temple wall inside are filled with colourful drawings along with the murals of Four Heavenly Kings.[3] Beside the main prayer building, there is a 9-storey pagoda and an octagonal shaped Tian gong shrine for the worship of Jade Emperor in the temple compound.[3]

The temple also managing a kindergarten located far from the temple area.[4]


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