Penang Masonic Temple
Penang Masonic Temple.jpg
Penang Masonic Temple, September 2022.
General information
Architectural styleArt deco
Town or city136 Jalan Utama, 10450 Pulau Pinang, Penang
Coordinates5°25′35″N 100°18′7″E / 5.42639°N 100.30194°E / 5.42639; 100.30194Coordinates: 5°25′35″N 100°18′7″E / 5.42639°N 100.30194°E / 5.42639; 100.30194
Construction started17 December 1927[1]
CostM$ 31,292.50[1]
ClientThe Penang Masonic Temple Company Limited, now Penang Masonic Temple Sdn. Bhd.
Design and construction
Architect(s)Howard Leicester
Engineerunknown; contractor: Lee Ghee Sok

The Penang Masonic Temple is an historic Masonic building located at 136 Jalan Utama (Western Road), corner of Jalan Brown (Brown Road), in the former city of George Town on Penang Island in the state of Penang, Malaysia. In 1924, The Royal Prince of Wales Lodge No. 1555, United Grand Lodge of England, and Lodge Scotia No. 1003, Grand Lodge of Scotland, each of which had its own meeting hall, agreed to build the Penang Masonic Temple at its current site to serve their own needs as well as those of other Masonic bodies in the area. A limited company was formed, with each lodge controlling half, to buy the property, construct the building and own and maintain it thereafter. The land was acquired in 1926 and the foundation was laid on 17 December 1927 Designed by architect Howard Leicester in the Art Deco style of architecture, the building was built by contractor Lee Ghee Sok. [1]

Today it is considered a heritage site and its white exterior is painted white with some of its Art Deco details are painted blue.[citation needed] It is still used by the founding lodges for their meetings and is also utilised by 7 other Masonic bodies of either English or Scottish jurisdiction, which pay rent for its use.[1]