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Perfect Couple
GenreRomantic comedy
Historical fiction
Created byTong Hua
Written byTong Hua
Gan Lian
Jin Yuanyuan
Directed byHuang Zuquan
StarringWallace Huo
Tiffany Tang
Huang Ming
Angela Gong
Opening themeGood Times by Della Ding & Wallace Huo
Ending themePerfect Couple by Li Qi
Country of originChina
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes45
Executive producersTang Panjing
Yu Yi
Lian Junjie
ProducersTang Panjing
Wallace Huo
Running time45 minutes
Production companiesXing Sheng Di Movie & Television Culture Co.,Ltd
Huajae Studio
Original networkJiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV
Picture formatHDTV 1080i, SDTV 576i
Audio formatStereophonic
Original release21 April (2014-04-21) –
7 May 2014 (2014-05-07)

Perfect Couple (Chinese: 金玉良缘) is a 2014 Chinese television series starring Wallace Huo and Tiffany Tang. This is the first television series produced by Wallace Huo's Huaje Studio. Filming started in April 2013, and ended in July 2013. The series started aired on Jiangsu TV and Shenzhen TV from 21 April to 7 May 2014.


During the Ming Dynasty, Yu Qi Ling (Tiffany Tang) heads to the capital with only her adoptive mother's belongings to find her mother's biological son. She encounters Jin Yuan Bao (Wallace Huo), a rich young master who works at the Detective Bureau and was on a case of capturing a man - the thief that Yu Qi Ling was chasing. It turns out that the thief was part of a kidnapping ring, and it led the protagonists to the Thousand Beauties Chamber where Chu Chu, the supposed leader was.

Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager has bestowed a marriage between Jin Yuan Bao and Jiang Xiao Xuan to prevent the Second Prince from usurping the throne from the Crowned Prince. When Jin Yuan Bao's intended bride runs away before the night of the wedding, Yu Qi Ling assumes Jiang Xiao Xuan's identity and marries into the Jin family.

Upon realizing that Jin Yuan Bao was indeed her adoptive mother's biological son, she schemes to reunite him with her mother. However, she runs into many obstacles as she cannot reveal that she and Jiang Xiao Xuan had switched identities. This leads to many misunderstandings and many quarrels between Jin Yuan Bao and Yu Qi Ling.

At the same time, Jin Yuan Bao's cousin, Liu Wen Chao, plans multiple assassination attempts on Jin Yuan Bao's life because he has desires of rising up and owning the Jin Manor and was conspiring with the Second Prince. He strangles Jiang Xiao Xuan's maid, Xi Er, to death because she found out about their scheming during Madam Jin's birthday. He plants his own spies in the Bureau of Weaponry so he would one day take control once he gets rid of Jin Yuan Bao. He desires Yu Qi Ling although she was his cousin's wife. Eventually, he finds out about the identity switch between Yu Qi Ling and Jiang Xiao Xuan and Jin Yuan Bao's true origins and made use of this to torture the protagonists and their families.

When the Empress Dowager learns that the Jin family and Yu Qi Ling has committed lese-majesty, she jails them. However, she knows that the Second Prince and Liu Wen Chao were in cahoots so she had Jin Yuan Bao investigate the truth. With the truth and evidence, the two villains did not stand a chance.



Actor Role Description
Wallace Huo Jin Yuan Bao The spoilt young master of the Jin Family, and number one detective in the province.
Tiffany Tang Yu Qi Ling An adopted orphan, who is highly skilled in martial arts. In order to help her adoptive mother find her son, she encounters Jin Yuan Bao and marries into the Jin Family.
Huang Ming Gu Chang Feng Jin Yuan Bao's good friend, a cute and bubbly man. A physician who is earnest at his job, but lacks the ability for it.
Angela Gong Jiang Xiao Xuan The young mistress of Jiang family, who was bestowed to Jin Yuan Bao. However, she runs away from the marriage. She ends up meeting and falling in love with Gu Chang Feng.


Actor Role Description
Wang Yang Liu Wen Chao Jin Yuan Bao's cousin, head housekeeper of Jin Family. An ambitious man who aspires to restore the Liu Family. He colludes on many occasions with the Second Prince to cause the marriage between the Jin and Jiang family to fail so that they can both rise to power. However, his many attempts on Jin Yuan Bao's life continuously fail, angering the Prince. He initially plans to harm Yu Qi Ling, Jin Yuan Bao's wife, but he later falls in love with her due to her caring nature.
Vivian Wu Liu Ruyue (Madam Jin) Jin Yuan Bao's adoptive mother. She wants Jin Yuan Bao to take over the family business, the Bureau of Weaponry.
Wendy Wang Liu Qian Qian Liu Wen Chao's younger sister. She likes Jin Yuan Bao. She was accidentally killed by her brother when she protected Jin Yuan Bao from his wrath.
Zhang Tianyang Fu Wang Second Prince. He wants to rebel and usurp the throne.
Fan Haolun Ah Gui Jin Family's head guard. Liu Wen Chao's right-hand man. When he was caught in one of the schemes, he purposely blamed Madam Jin for ordering him to do so. In the end, he committed suicide so that Liu Wen Chao would not be implicated with kidnapping and murder.
Zhou Xiaoli Wang Huilan Jin Yuan Bao's birth mother and Yu Qi Ling's adoptive mother. She was killed by Liu Wen Chao.
Dai Changjiang Wen Qiang Jin Yuan Bao's right-hand man.
Zhang Renbo Ma Zhong Jin Yuan Bao's right-hand man.
Bo Hong Lady Gu Gu Chang Feng's mother, Madam Jin's maid. She knows the truth about Jin Yuan Bao's birth.
Zheng Long Ah Fu Jin Yuan Bao's underling. He is the comic relief in the series.
Xiang Dong Xi'er Jiang Xiao Xuan's maid. She was murdered by the Second Prince and Liu Wenchao after being caught for overhearing their collusion. Her body was later found under the lotus pond.
Tao Huimin Empress Dowager Madam Liu's aunt.


Title Singer
Good Times (好時光) Wallace Huo & Della Ding
Perfect Couple (金玉良緣) Li Qi
Perfect Couple (金玉良緣) Jia Qing
Phoenix (鳳凰) Alan
Vega (織女星) Shin
Obsessed (癡) Wang Andi


CSM50 City premiere ratings[1]
Air date Episode Jiangsu Satellite TV Shenzhen Satellite TV
Ratings (%) Audience share (%) Rank Ratings (%) Audience share (%) Rank
2014.04.21 1-3 0.793 2.18 5 0.469 1.28 13
2014.04.22 4-6 0.658 1.83 7 0.454 1.26 11
2014.04.23 7-9 0.748 2.09 6 0.494 1.38 9
2014.04.24 10-12 0.678 1.88 6 0.464 1.28 10
2014.04.25 13-15 0.822 2.22 5 0.419 1.13 15
2014.04.26 16-17 0.824 2.21 5 0.362 0.97 17
2014.04.27 18-19 0.771 2.09 5 0.435 1.18 11
2014.04.28 20-22 0.737 2.06 7 0.400 1.12 15
2014.04.29 23-25 0.721 2.02 7 0.411 1.15 16
2014.04.30 26-28 0.853 2.35 5 0.498 1.37 10
2014.05.01 29-31 0.716 2.09 5 0.492 1.45 10
2014.05.02 32-34 0.722 2.07 5 0.438 1.27 16
2014.05.03 35-36 0.726 1.96 4 0.387 1.05 13
2014.05.04 37-38 0.837 2.29 5 0.541 1.49 11
2014.05.05 39-41 0.886 2.50 3 0.544 1.52 10
2014.05.06 42-44 0.944 2.64 3 0.539 1.50 11
2014.05.07 45 0.902 2.58 5 0.699 1.93 10
Total 13.338  37.06  - 8.046  22.33  -
Average 0.785  2.18 - 0.473 1.314 -

Awards and nominations

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref.
2014 5th China Student Television Festival Most Anticipated Historical Drama Won
Most Popular Actor Wallace Huo Won
Most Popular Actress Tiffany Tang Won [2]
iQiyi All-star Carnival Chinese Drama of the Year Won
6th China TV Drama Awards Most Popular Actor (Hong Kong/Taiwan) Wallace Huo Won
Most Popular Couple Wallace Huo & Tiffany Tang Won

International broadcast

Date Country Channel Notes
June 6, 2014  United States KSCI
July 9, 2014  Canada Talentvision
August 12, 2014  Taiwan CTV
September 8, 2014  Malaysia Astro
October 16, 2014  Taiwan CTi TV
November 27, 2014  Japan NOTTV1
January 31, 2015  Hong Kong Drama Channel
October 27, 2015  South Korea AsiaN
May 21, 2015  Japan Asia Dramatic TV 
October 5, 2015  Taiwan TTV Main Channel
February 3, 2016  Thailand Thairath TV
April 6, 2016  Malaysia 8TV


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