Perfect Strangers
Theatrical release poster
ItalianPerfetti sconosciuti
Directed byPaolo Genovese
Screenplay by
Story byPaolo Genovese
Produced byMarco Belardi
CinematographyFabrizio Lucci
Edited byConsuelo Catucci
Music byMaurizio Filardo
  • Medusa Film
  • Lotus Production
Distributed byMedusa Distribuzione
Release date
  • 11 February 2016 (2016-02-11) (Italy)
Running time
97 minutes
Box office$32.2 million[1]

Perfect Strangers (Italian: Perfetti sconosciuti)[2] is a 2016 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Paolo Genovese.[3][4] It was released in Italy on 11 February 2016.[4]

The film was a critical and commercial success, winning the David di Donatello in the Best Film Category and grossing more than €16 million in Italy. It has been remade in more than 20 countries.


On the evening of a total eclipse of the moon, seven close friends gather for a dinner party. Early in the meal, one of the friends, a relationship therapist named Eva, says that she is convinced that many couples would separate if they saw the messages on each other's phones. As the friends debate this contention, they agree—some of them reluctantly—to play a game. They will each place their phone on the table and they will share their messages and calls with the rest of the group.

At first, the game seems harmless; no one has anything to hide. Gradually, the calls and messages become more compromising. They reveal that one married woman is having an affair and that a man who has been pretending to have an absent girlfriend is not who he seems. As the calls continue, the network of lies and secrets becomes increasingly tangled. Almost no one at the table is spared. By the end of the night, the group's friendships, marriages, and romances have been shattered.[5]

As the guests leave the apartment, they behave as if nothing has happened. Each of their relationships are exactly as they were at the start of the evening. The game never happened.[6][unreliable source?]



The film was number-one on its opening week in Italy, with US$3.7 million.[3] On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an approval rating of 77% based on reviews from 13 critics.[7] It grossed $31.6 million at the box office.[1]


Year Award/Festival Category Recipients Result
2016 David di Donatello Best Film Paolo Genovese Won
Best Director Paolo Genovese Nominated
Best Script Paolo Genovese, Filippo Bologna, Paolo Costella, Paola Mammini, Rolando Ravello Won
Best Actress Anna Foglietta Nominated
Best Actor Marco Giallini Nominated
Best Actor Valerio Mastandrea Nominated
Best Original Song Perfetti sconosciuti by Bungaro, Cesare Chiodo and Fiorella Mannoia Nominated
Best Editing Consuelo Catucci Nominated
Best Sound Umberto Montesanti Nominated
2016 Bari International Film Festival Tonino Guerra Award for Best Scriptment Paolo Genovese Won
2016 Tribeca Film Festival Best Screenplay Paolo Genovese, Filippo Bologna, Paolo Costella, Paola Mammini, Rolando Ravello Won
2017 Vilnius International Film Festival Audience's Favourite Film[8] Paolo Genovese Won


Country Original title English title Release date Note
Greece Τέλειοι Ξένοι Perfect Strangers 15 December 2016 [9]
Spain Perfectos desconocidos Perfect Strangers 1 December 2017 Directed by Álex de la Iglesia.[10]
Turkey Cebimdeki Yabancı Stranger in My Pocket [tr] 2 February 2018 [11]
France Le Jeu Nothing to Hide 17 October 2018 Directed by Fred Cavayé.[12]
South Korea 완벽한 타인 Intimate Strangers 31 October 2018 [13]
Hungary BÚÉK Happy New Year [hu] 6 December 2018 Directed by Krisztina Goda.[14]
Mexico Perfectos desconocidos Perfect Strangers 25 December 2018 [15]
China 来电狂响 Kill Mobile [zh] 29 December 2018 [16]
Russia Громкая связь Loud Connection 14 February 2019 [17] A sequel, Obratnaya svyaz, was released in 2020.[18]
Armenia Անհայտ բաժանորդ Unknown Subscriber [hy] 5 September 2019 [19]
Poland (Nie)znajomi 16 September 2019 [20]
Germany Das perfekte Geheimnis 31 October 2019 [21]
Vietnam Tiệc trăng máu Blood Moon Party [vi] 23 October 2020 [22]
Japan おとなの事情 スマホをのぞいたら 8 January 2021 [23]
Slovakia, Czech Republic Známi neznámi 5 August 2021 [24]
Romania Complet necunoscuți Perfect Strangers [ro][25] 24 September 2021 [26]
Netherlands Alles op tafel Perfect Strangers [nl] 4 November 2021 [27]
Israel זרים מושלמים Perfect Strangers [he] 11 November 2021 Directed by Lior Ashkenazi.[28]
Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates أصحاب ...ولا أعزّ Perfect Strangers 20 January 2022 Released by Netflix.[29]
Norway Full dekning 25 February 2022 [30]
Indonesia Perfect Strangers [id] 20 October 2022 Release by Amazon Prime Video.[31]
Azerbaijan Geri Dönənlər The Returners 28 December 2022 [32]
Iceland Villibráð Wild Game 6 January 2023[33] [34]
Denmark Un­known 2023 [33]

As of December 2017, remakes were underway in Qatar and Sweden.[35]

In February 2017, The Weinstein Company acquired the rights to an English-language remake.[36] In December 2019, Issa Rae was announced to write and star in the US remake. Rae will produce the film along with Spyglass Media Group, a subsidiary of Lantern Entertainment, which acquired the assets of The Weinstein Company after its bankruptcy.[37] 2022 Indian Malayalam film 12th Man released through Disney+ Hotstar is loosely based on the core idea of this film.[38]


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