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The Perl Foundation (TPF) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization based in Holland, Michigan.[1] It is dedicated to the advancement of the Perl and Raku (programming language) programming languages through open discussion, collaboration, design, and code. The Perl Foundation fulfills a range of activities which includes, "the collection and distribution of development grants, sponsorship and organization of community-led local and international Perl conferences, and support for community web sites and user groups."[2]

Projects and activities

The Perl Foundation supports the use and development of Perl in many ways:


The day-to-day business of TPF is run by several committees including the grants committee and conferences committee. These committees report to the TPF steering committee, which directs the operations of TPF. All of these groups are overseen by a board of directors. All TPF members, including the board of directors, are volunteers.[citation needed]


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