A Peurawot from Aceh, 1904.
Place of originIndonesia (Aceh)
Service history
Used byAcehnese people
Length28–35 cm (11–14 in)

Blade typeSingle edge
Hilt typeBuffalo horn, wood, akar bahar

Peurawot (also known as Porawet, Sikin Peurawot, Sikin Rawot) is a traditional whittling knife[1] of the Acehnese people from Aceh, Indonesia.[2]


The Peurawot has a single edge blade with a slight curvature. The width of the blade is about the same from the base to the tip of the blade. The blade does not have a central ridge and back of the blade is somewhat concave. The cutting edge of the blade is a little concave in shape. This knife is sometimes adorned with a golden or suasa sampa (decoration of the hilt near the blade) and tampo (knob of the hilt).[3]

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