Phosphorus Rex
Phosphorus Rex.jpg
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceBatman #666 (July 2007)
Created byGrant Morrison (writer)
Andy Kubert (artist)
In-story information
Team affiliationsCircus of Strange
Flame projection

Phosphorus Rex is a supervillain in DC Comics.

Publication history

Phosphorus Rex first appeared in Batman #666 and was created by Grant Morrison and artist Andy Kubert.

Fictional character biography

Phosphorus Rex is a fiery member of the Circus of Strange.[1] After Mister Toad was apprehended by the Gotham City Police Department, Phosphorus Rex joined the Circus of Strange members Big Top, Siam, and a group of Professor Pyg's Dollotrons in attacking the Gotham City Police Department which resulted in four police officers getting killed and six others ending up injured. Phosphorus Rex and the rest of the Circus of Strange were defeated by Batman and Robin. Batman later interrogated Phosphorus Rex into giving him the identity of the Circus of Strange's leader. What Phosphorus Rex told Batman led him to Professor Pyg.[2]

In The New 52, Phosphorus Rex and Professor Pyg are first seen as inmates of Arkham Asylum. At the time when Batman and Nightwing arrived at Arkham Asylum to capture a corrupt guard who ended up releasing the inmates, Phosphorus Rex is among those who take part in the break-out attempt only to be thwarted by Batman and Nightwing.[3]

Powers and abilities

Phosphorus Rex has pyrokinetic abilities. He is surrounded by fires that are not lethal to him, but are lethal to everyone else.

Other versions

In the alternate future of Batman in Bethlehem, Phosphorus Rex and his fellow Circus of Strange members are depicted as crime bosses.[4]

In other media

Phosphorus Rex appears in Beware the Batman, voiced by Greg Ellis. This version is Milo Match, Tobias Whale's lawyer and chief enforcer.


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