Pierre Georges Albert Levasseur (July 16, 1890 in Paris – August 2, 1941 in Paris) was a French aircraft and component maker. He set up his company Société Pierre Levasseur Aéronautique, always referred to simply as Levasseur in Paris in 1910, beginning by making propellers. In 1913 he began building aircraft designed by others. He then began to design his own, the majority of which were single-engine biplanes for French Naval Aviation.[1] He also ran a flying school, where the chief pilot of his school was François Denhaut (1877–1952), notable for designing the first flying boat. Georges Abrial (1898 – 1970), an early French aerodynamicist, also worked with Levasseur to produce the Levasseur-Abrial A-1.

Sociéte Pierre Levasseur Aéronautique

Models created included:


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