In Mandaean cosmology, Piriawis (Classical Mandaic: ࡐࡉࡓࡉࡀࡅࡉࡎ; sometimes also spelled Biriawiš ࡁࡉࡓࡉࡀࡅࡉࡔ[1]), also known as the Yardna Rabba (ࡉࡀࡓࡃࡍࡀ ࡓࡁࡀ "Great Jordan"), is the sacred life-giving river (yardna) of the World of Light. It is the heavenly counterpart of rivers on earth (Tibil), which are considered by Mandaeans to be manifestations of the heavenly Piriawis.[2][3][4]

Shilmai and Nidbai are the two guardian uthras (celestial beings) watching over Piriawis.[2]

Qolasta prayers 13 and 17 mention Piriawis-Ziwa and Piriafil-Malaka together as uthras.[5]

Other names

In Book 4 of the Right Ginza, Sindiriawis is mentioned as "the great yardna of the Life" (sindiriauis, iardna rba ḏ-hiia).[2]

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