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Pixela Corporation
TYO: 6731
IndustryComputer hardware
Computer software
FoundedJune 21, 1982
HeadquartersOsaka, Japan
Key people
Hiroshi Fujioka (CEO)
Capty MPEG Edit EX
Revenue8,623 million yen
Number of employees
SubsidiariesSynthesis, RfStream, Pialex Technologies

Pixela Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of PC peripheral hardware and multimedia software. The company is known for its software series, ImageMixer, which is currently bundled with some camcorders. Pixela is also famous for manufacturing 1seg Tuners in Japan. The company was founded June 21, 1982 and employs 266 people. The current CEO is Hiroshi Fujioka who is also a founding member Pixela Corporation.[1] The company headquarters are in Osaka, Japan.


Pixela owns subsidiaries in Japan and North America, such as Synthesis, Prodia, RfStream, and Pialex Technologies. These subsidiaries mainly produce microchips and video capture board.

Pixela Shop

Pixela has an online shop, which sells ImageMixer series, other software, and some hardware. Also, the company operates the supporting website ImageMixer.

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