An SCPH-1000 motherboard
An SCPH-1000 motherboard
An SCPH-5001 motherboard
An SCPH-5001 motherboard
An SCPH-9001 motherboard
An SCPH-9001 motherboard
An SCPH-101 motherboard
An SCPH-101 motherboard

The PlayStation technical specifications describe the various components of the original PlayStation video game console.

Central processing unit (CPU)

LSI CoreWare CW33300-based core[1]
Geometry Transformation Engine (GTE)
Motion Decoder (MDEC)
System Control Coprocessor (Cop0)[citation needed]


Graphics processing unit (GPU)

32-bit Sony GPU (designed by Toshiba)[9]

Sound processing unit (SPU)

16-bit Sony SPU[4]

I/O system and connectivity

CD-ROM drive
Two control pads via connectors[8]
Backup flash RAM support
Video and audio connectivity
Serial and parallel ports
Power input

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