TypeSoft drink
ManufacturerKormoran Brewery, Bakalland, Obolon, Witnica Brewery, Van Pur, and others
Country of origin Poland
Region of originPoland
Alcohol by volume up to 0,5%
ColourDark brown
IngredientsWater, barley malts, sugar, hops, yeast
Variantskujawski, warmiński, and others
Related productsKvass

Podpiwek is a Polish and Lithuanian non-alcoholic beverage (even though it contains a small amount of alcohol, about 0.5%).

It is usually made from grain coffee, hops, yeast, water and sugar, which undergo fermentation.

Often created as a byproduct during beer production, it was a common drink of women and children.

Famous brands

A bottle of Podpiwek Warminski

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