Poliedro de Caracas
The exterior of Poliedro de Caracas.
LocationCaracas, Venezuela
Coordinates10°26′01″N 66°56′18″W / 10.4337°N 66.9384°W / 10.4337; -66.9384Coordinates: 10°26′01″N 66°56′18″W / 10.4337°N 66.9384°W / 10.4337; -66.9384
OwnerPolyhedron Foundation of Caracas (Venezuelan State)
CapacityConcerts: 20,000
Sports: 13,500
OpenedMarch 26, 1974
2013 FIBA AmeriCup

The Poliedro de Caracas ("Caracas Polyhedron Arena") is an indoor sports arena, located on the grounds adjacent to Hipodromo La Rinconada, in Caracas, Venezuela. It was designed by architect Thomas C. Howard of Synergetics, Inc., in Raleigh, NC, in 1971. However, the geodesic dome was not concluded, until 1974, when US firm Charter Industries, along with Synergetics, Inc. designed and manufactured the geodesic dome in Raleigh, NC.

It is housed beneath a geodesic dome, with a capacity of 20,000 people for concerts and 13,500 people for sporting events. The arena is used for concerts, sporting events such as basketball, volleyball, boxing, ice skating shows, and for circuses, and trade expositions, like auto shows, and expomuebles (furniture). Lately, it has also been used for government-sponsored political events.

American Pop-star Michael Jackson was to perform a concert on 12 November 1993 but was cancelled due to Jackson's health problems.

Rent Rates for Poliedro de Caracas on concerts and some sporting events ranges from $400-$1000 per day


Poliedro de Caracas was finished in 1974, and officially inaugurated with the fight between George Foreman and Ken Norton, on March 26, 1974.[1] It also served as the stage for many local acts, like Melissa, Yordano and Ilan Chester, among others, in addition to international acts that visited Venezuela.

One of the main events that took place each year in El Poliedro (up to 2009), is the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant. The Poliedro was the main venue of the 2013 FIBA AmeriCup, which determined the final four participants of the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

Top concerts

Inside view of the Poliedro de Caracas in 2013
Inside view of the Poliedro de Caracas in 2013

The following is an incomplete list of the most famous artists who have given concerts in the Poliedro de Caracas:

Country Artist Year
 UK Peter Frampton 1980
 UK The Police 1981
 UK Queen 1981
 CUB Irakere 1981
 CAN Saga 1982
 USA Van Halen 1983
 PRI Héctor Lavoe 1983
 USA Joan Jett 1984
 CAN Saga 1984
 ESP Obús 1984
 ESP Mecano 1987
 USA VEN Quiet Riot & Franklin Holland Proyect 1986
 CAN Saga 1988
 ESP Mecano 1989
 USA Cyndi Lauper 1989
 ARG Soda Stereo 1991
 USA REO Speedwagon 1991
 COL Kraken 1991
 ITA Luciano Pavarotti 1991
 ESP Mecano 1992
 UK Marillion 1992
 USA Guns N' Roses 1992
 UK VEN Iron Maiden & Gillman 1992
 USA REO Speedwagon 1992
 CUB Gloria Estefan 1992
 ARG Soda Stereo 1993
 UK Jon Anderson 1993
 USA Michael Jackson (cancelled) 1993
 USA Poison 1993
 GER VEN Scorpions & Arkangel 1994
 USA Whitney Houston 1994
 SWE Roxette 1995
 ARG COL Soda Stereo & Aterciopelados 1995
 ARG Charly García 1995
 ITA Laura Pausini 1997
 MEX Luis Miguel 1999
 USA VEN Metallica & Gillman 1999
 UK UB40 1999
 COL Aterciopelados 1999
 CAN Alanis Morissette 1999
 COL Shakira 2000
 UK Eric Clapton 2001
 USA Backstreet Boys 2001
 COL Shakira 2003
 USA Dream Theater 2005
 USA Hilary Duff 2005
 USA VEN Slipknot & Candy 66 2005
 GER Helloween 2006
 USA Slayer 2006
 USA Deftones 2006
 UK Jamiroquai 2006
 FRA Manu Chao 2006
 UK Fatboy Slim 2006
 UK Motörhead 2007
 MEX Luis Miguel 2007
 USA Incubus 2008
 USA My Chemical Romance 2008
 USA Nine Inch Nails 2008
 AUS Kylie Minogue 2008
 USA VEN Guns N' Roses & Los Pixel 2010
 USA Aerosmith 2010
 CAN Cirque du Soleil 2013
 USA The Illusionists 2013
 USA Aerosmith 2013
 COL Aterciopelados 2014
 NED Nicky Romero 2014
 USA Romeo Santos 2014
 ENG COL VEN ARG Carcass, Masacre, Krueger, Rata Blanca & Escudo 2014
 MEX USA Brujeria & Dia De Los Muertos 2015

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