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Like the other eight provinces in South Africa, Northern Cape is governed by a parliamentary system, with the premier of the province selected from the leadership of the largest party or coalition in the provincial legislature. The premier then selects the members of his Executive Council (cabinet) from among his fellow MPL's; they are assigned to the different departments in the government, even though the departments' day-to-day business is run by the Heads of the Department (HOD), who are also appointed by the premier.


Portfolio MEC
Premier Zamani Saul
Sport, Arts and Culture Desery Finies
Transport and Safety Liaison Nomandla Bloem
Finance, Economic Development and Tourism Abraham Vosloo
Health Maruping Lekwene
Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs Bentley Vass
Education Zolile Monakali
Land Reform, Agriculture and Nature Conservation and
Environmental Affairs
Mase Manopole
Roads and Public Works Fufe Makatong
Social Development Nontobeko Vilakazi