Pony Express mochila exhibit
Mochila leather cover over saddle
Pony Express reenactment demonstrating the mochila
Pony Express "mochila" closeup. Each of the riders signed the bag as it moved through the states.
Statue of Pony Express rider on a mochila

A Pony Express mochila (Spanish,[1] pronounced [mo-chee-lah], for "knapsack", "pack", "pouch") was a removable lightweight leather cover put over a horse saddle for carrying mail and was used by the Pony Express.[2]

Riders of the Pony Express made quick exchanges to new fresh horses, usually within a few minutes, at each remount station on their route across the United States. The mochila was removed from the exhausted horse and swiftly placed over the saddle of the fresh waiting horse.[2]

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