The community hall of Poroi
The community hall of Poroi
Poroi is located in Greece
Coordinates: 39°58.651′N 22°39′E / 39.977517°N 22.650°E / 39.977517; 22.650
Administrative regionCentral Macedonia
Regional unitPieria
Municipal unitEast Olympos
Highest elevation
565 m (1,854 ft)
Lowest elevation
2 m (7 ft)
 • Population770 (2011)
 • Area (km2)26.889
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
600 65
Area code(s)+30-2352-xxx-xxx
Vehicle registrationKN

Poroi (Greek: Πόροι) is a village and a community of the Dio-Olympos municipality.[2] Before the 2011 local government reform it was part of the municipality of East Olympos, of which it was a municipal district.[2] The 2011 census recorded 770 inhabitants in the community.[1] The community of Poroi covers an area of 26.889 km2.[3]

Administrative division

The community of Poroi consists of three separate settlements:[1]

The aforementioned population figures are as of 2011.[1]


The village Poroi (also Palaioi Poroi, to distinguish it from the larger Neoi Poroi) is a small mountain village with 23 inhabitants (2011). Author, member of the Filiki Eteria, and officer in the Greek War of Independence Christoforos Perraivos was born here. The village of Poroi contains numerous religious sites within the community. These include the chapels of St. Nikolaos and St. Dimitrios.[4]

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