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Port Talbot Football League
DivisionsPremier Division
Number of teams9
Level on pyramid7
Promotion toSouth Wales Alliance League Division One
Domestic cup(s)Port Talbot Open Cup
League cup(s)Port Talbot League Cup
Current championsAfan United
WebsiteLeague website

The Port Talbot & District Football League, also known as the Port Talbot Football League is a league competition featuring non-professional association football clubs in the area of Port Talbot, South Wales. Founded in 1926, it is one of the oldest such competition in Wales. The main competition consists of one division, which splits midway through into two conferences which are named "Premier League" & "Division One" . The Premier League is a feeder to the South Wales Aance League Division Two, and therefore sits at tier 7 of the Welsh football pyramid.


The league is currently one division which splits at the midway point. The split consists of the Port Talbot Premier League, followed by the Port Talbot Division One.

The League is administered by Mr. Mr T. Lewis (chairman), Mr A. Short (Vice Chairman), Mr B. Owen (Treasurer) and Mr. David King (General Secretary).

Among the clubs who have progressed to a higher level from the Port Talbot Football League is Goytre United, Cornelly United and Tata Steel.

Premier League 2023–24

Divisional history - Premier Division champions

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