Portrait of Perugino
Rafael - Retrato de Pietro PeruginoFXD.jpg
ArtistRaphael or Lorenzo di Credi
Yearc. 1504
MediumTempera on wood
Dimensions57 cm × 42 cm (22 in × 17 in)
LocationUffizi, Florence

The Portrait of Perugino is a portrait of the Italian Renaissance artist Perugino attributed to his pupil Raphael or to Lorenzo di Credi. It was produced around 1504 and is now in the Uffizi gallery, Florence.[1]


The painting is known to have been in the Florentine Galleries since as early as 1704, when it was identified as a portrait of Martin Luther and was attributed to Hans Holbein the Younger.[2] In an 1825 comment to Giorgio Vasari's Vite, it was listed as a Portrait of Verrocchio by Lorenzo di Credi. Adolfo Venturi in 1922 attributed it to Perugino himself, while the attribution to Raphael appeared in the 1930s.[1]

The identification with Perugino is today ascertained thanks to the evident similarities with the self-portrait in the Collegio del Cambio. Copies of the painting exist in Vienna, London, Bergamo, Rome and in the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice.

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