Portuguese in Pakistan are citizens or residents of Pakistan who are of Portuguese background. As of 2021 there are only 64 Portuguese citizens registered as living in Pakistan.[1]


The presence of a small Portuguese community in what is modern-day Pakistan is historically known.[2] Most people of Portuguese extract can be found among the country's Goan community, concentrated in Karachi much before the independence of Pakistan. These settlers hailed from Goa in Western India and in order to avail economic opportunities, migrated to major commercial centres during the British Raj, Karachi being among them.[3] In 1510, Goa was annexed by the Portuguese as one of its overseas colonies in India, and remained under Portuguese rule until the Indian annexation of Goa in 1961. During that period, the Goans remained Portuguese subjects and many who had settled in Karachi carried Portuguese passports, which they later relinquished for Pakistani citizenship.[3] Portuguese rule in Goa established the presence of a Goan Catholic community, and exhibited Portuguese influences in Goan culture, language and cuisine, which the migrants brought along with them to Karachi.[3] At the time of the partition in 1947, it is estimated that the Goan community in Karachi numbered up to 15,000.[3]


The Portuguese community assumed an active role in the founding of missionary schools throughout Pakistan.[2] Portuguese musicians and bands were also active in the country's music scene and high social circles during the late twentieth century, performing in some of Karachi's most prominent hotels and nightclubs for several decades. Most of this generation of musicians later died or emigrated.[2]

Portuguese Pakistani

Name Birth and Death Occupation Notes
Max Rodrigues 1938 - Bishop Portuguese Descent
Mervyn Middlecoat 1940 - 1971 Pakistani fighter pilot Portuguese Descent
Bernadette Louise Dean ? Academic Portuguese Descent
Dilshad Vadsaria 1985 Actress Portuguese Descent

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