Native toPapua New Guinea
RegionSandaun Province
Native speakers
960 (2003)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3bye

Pouye (Bouye) is a language spoken in Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea, by a thousand people, and growing. It is spoken in the seven villages of Bulawa (3°39′57″S 142°00′52″E / 3.665801°S 142.014408°E / -3.665801; 142.014408 (Bulwo)), Kiliauto, Komtin, Maurom (3°40′59″S 141°50′50″E / 3.683154°S 141.847269°E / -3.683154; 141.847269 (Maurom)), Wokien (3°41′52″S 141°57′28″E / 3.697824°S 141.957815°E / -3.697824; 141.957815 (Wokien)), Wulme, and Yukilau (3°40′42″S 141°55′32″E / 3.678344°S 141.925477°E / -3.678344; 141.925477 (Yiklau)), which are mostly located within East Wapei Rural LLG.[1][2]

A grammar of the Pouye language is published here: https://www.sil.org/resources/archives/62023


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