Powder My Back
Directed byRoy Del Ruth
Written byJoseph Jackson (adaptation)
Robert Lord(writer)
Jack Jarmuth(titles)
Based onstory by Jerome Kingston
StarringIrene Rich
CinematographyFrank Kesson
Edited byOwen Marks
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
March 10, 1928
Running time
7 reels

Powder My Back is a 1928 silent film comedy directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Irene Rich. It was produced and distributed by Warner Bros. who released it with a Vitaphone music and sound effects track.[1][2]

Plot Summary

The actress of the comedy "powder My back", Fritzi Foy, was angry with Rex Hale, the mayor who closes the comedy. With the help of Fritzi's press agent, Claude, she succeeds to enter the mayor's home by performing an fake accident and tells him that she need to leave until her fully recovered. This action infuriated Hale, however, his son Jack falls in love with Fritzi. When Fritzi figures out that her action has brought misfortune to Jack, she persuade him to go back to his fiancé, Ruth Stevens.[3]


Preservation status

This is now a lost film.[4][5]


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