The PowerPC 970 was released in 2003 and was one of the first 64-bit processors developed for consumer-type computers, PowerMac G5 in this case.

ppc64 is an identifier commonly used within the Linux, GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and LLVM open-source software communities to refer to the target architecture for applications optimized for 64-bit big-endian PowerPC and Power ISA processors.[1]

ppc64le is a pure little-endian mode that has been introduced with the POWER8 as the prime target for technologies provided by the OpenPOWER Foundation, aiming at enabling porting of the x86 Linux-based software with minimal effort.[2]


These two identifiers are frequently used when compiling source code to identify the target architecture.[3]

64-bit Power and PowerPC processors are the following:

Defunct 64-bit PowerPC processors are the Motorola G5 and PowerPC e700.


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