Pradyut Kumar Bhattacharya
Sahid Praydot Bhattacharya.jpg
Born3 November 1913 (1913-11-03)
Died12 January 1933 (1933-01-13) (aged 19)
Midnapore central Jail, Midnapore, Bengal Presidency, British India
MovementIndian freedom movement

Pradyut Kumar Bhattacharya (3 November 1913 - 12 January 1933) was a Bengali revolutionary and activist of the Indian freedom movement. He was hanged in Midnapore Central jail.[1][2]

Revolutionary activities

Bhattacharya was born in Medinipur, in British India.[citation needed] His father's name was Bhabataran Bhattacharya.[citation needed] He joined in the anti-British movement and Jugantar group while studying in Midnapore College.[citation needed] The revolutionaries of the Bengal Volunteers decided to assassinate ruthless Second magistrate Robert Doglas because he was responsible for killing two unarmed activists in Hijli Detention Camp. On 30 April 1932, Prabhanshu Sekhar Pal and Bhattacharya fired on the magistrate while he was presiding over a meeting of the Zilla District Board.[3] Pal escaped but Bhattacharya was caught on the spot with the revolver.[4] Pradyot did not utter any name in spite of severe torture by the police.[5]


On 12 January 1933 Bhattacharya was executed by hanging in Medinipur Central Jail but Prabhanshu remained untraced.[1][2]


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