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Designer(s)Fabrizio Schiavi
FoundryFabrizio Schiavi Design
Date released2010
TrademarkFabrizio Schiavi
Latest release version0.830

PragmataPro is a monospaced font family designed for programming, created by Fabrizio Schiavi.[1] It is a narrow programming font designed for legibility. The font implements Unicode characters, including (polytonic) Greek,[2] Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and the APL codepoints. The font specifically implements ligatures for programming, such as multiple-character operators. The characters are hinted by hand.

PragmataPro was designed to have contained line-spacing and offer rasterization for screens of most sizes except the most small.[3] Notable features also include math and phonetics support.[4]

Unicode coverage

It includes 18,538 glyphs in Regular weight and 15,297 glyphs in Bold weight, version 0.830[5] (2023) from the following Unicode blocks:

Usage examples

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