Pramod Ranjan Choudhury
Born1904 (1904)
Died28 September 1926(1926-09-28) (aged 21–22)
OccupationBengali Indian independence movement activist
Known forRevolutionary
Criminal chargeAssassination of Bhupen Chatterjee
Criminal penaltyCapital punishment
Criminal statusExecuted
  • Ishan Chandra Choudhury (father)

Pramod Ranjan Choudhury (1904 – 28 September 1926) was a Bengali activist for the Indian independence movement who was hanged for the assassination of police officer Bhupen Chatterjee.[1]

Early life

Pramod Ranjan was born at Kelishahar, Chittagong District in British India. His father's name was Ishan Chandra Choudhury.[2]

Revolutionary activities

Choudhury joined the Anushilan Samiti group at Chattogram. In 1921 he took part in the non-cooperation movement. He was arrested at Dakshineswar for his connections with the Dakshineswar Conspiracy Case and sent to prison.[2][3] On 28 May 1926 Choudhury and other fellow revolutionary inmates killed Bhupen Chatterjee with an iron rod. Chatterjee was a deputy superintendent of the Police Intelligence Branch who spied on inmates and tried to destroy the mental strength of political prisoners.[2]


The trial of the killers began on 15 June 1926 and a sentence of capital punishment was handed down on 21 June. Choudhury and Anantahari Mitra were hanged on 28 September 1926 in the Alipore Central Jail in Kolkata.[4][3]


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