Preserves Uncanned
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Compilation album by
Released1990 (1990)
Recorded1966 – 1968
LabelDirty Linen
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Don't Say Goodbye
Preserves Uncanned
Sandy Denny and the Strawbs

Uncanned Preserves is a compilation album of songs by Strawbs. Some tracks, however, were not released on studio albums. The recordings themselves are demos dating from the mid to late '60's.

Track listing

Side one

  1. "Coal Creek March" (Dave Cousins)
  2. "Sail Away to the Sea" (Cousins)
  3. "That Which Once Was Mine" (Cousins)
  4. "How Everyone But Sam Was a Hypocrite" (Cousins)
  5. "October to May" (Cousins)
  6. "On My Way" (Cousins)
  7. "All I Need is You" (Cousins)
  8. "Josephine, For Better or for Worse" (Cousins)
  9. "We'll Meet Again Sometime" (Cousins)

Side two

  1. "Spanish is the Loving Tongue" (traditional)
  2. "Handsome Molly" (traditional)
  3. "Hard Times" (Cousins)
  4. "How I Need You" (Cousins)
  5. "The Man Who Called Himself Jesus" (Cousins)
  6. "Pieces of 79 and 15" (Cousins, Tony Hooper)
  7. "Following the Rainbow" (Cousins)
  8. "Always on My Mind" (Hooper)
  9. "Martin Luther King's Dream" (Cousins)
  10. "Bitter Sunshine" (Cousins)

Side three

  1. "All the Little Ladies" (Cousins, Hooper)
  2. "Just the Same in Every Way" (Cousins)
  3. "Strawberry Picking" (Cousins)
  4. "A Good Woman's Love" (traditional)
  5. "The Battle" (Cousins)
  6. "Jenny O'Brien" (Cousins)
  7. "Sweetling" (Hooper)
  8. "Flinthill Special" (traditional)
  9. "The Blantyre Explosion" (traditional)
  10. "Tell Me What You See in Me" (Cousins)

Side four

  1. "Or Am I Dreaming" (Cousins)
  2. "I'll Show You Where to Sleep" (Cousins)
  3. "And You Need Me" (Cousins)
  4. "You Keep Going Your Way" (Cousins)
  5. "Where is This Dream of Your Youth" (Cousins)
  6. "Why" (Cousins)
  7. "Lawrence Brown" (Cousins)
  8. "Wild Strawberries" (Cousins, Hooper)
  9. "Song to Alex" (Cousins, Hooper)


Release history

Region Date Label Format Catalog
United States 1990 (1990) Dirty Linen 2-cassette pack DL101
United Kingdom 1991 (1991) Road Goes on Forever 2-CD set RGF DCD 003
United Kingdom 1991 (1991) Road Goes on Forever 2-cassette pack RGF DMC 003