Primary Health Centre
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
An Urban Primary Health Center, under National Health Mission in Kerala
Primary Health Center located in the Kalbal area of Ichgam in January 2021
A primary health centre Endla, Rajasthan.

Primary Health Centre (PHCs), sometimes referred to as public health centres,[1][2] are state-owned rural and urban health care facilities in India.[3][4] They are essentially single-physician clinics usually with facilities for minor surgeries. They are part of the government-funded public health system in India and are the most basic units of this system. As on 31 March 2019 there are 30,045 PHCs in India in which 24,855 are located on rural areas and 5,190 are on urban areas.[5] Suggestion of a PHC was given by Bhore committee in 1946.


Primary Health Centres programmes are listed below:

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