Prime Minister of the
Syrian Arab Republic
رئيس وزراء سوريا
Seal of the prime minister of Syria
Hussein Arnous
since 11 June 2020
Council of Ministers of the Syrian Arab Republic
Executive branch of the Syrian Government
StyleMr Prime Minister
His Excellency
StatusHead of Council of Ministers;
Second highest in executive branch
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Reports toPresident
ResidenceGovernment building, Damascus, Syria
Term lengthNo term limits
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Syria
Inaugural holderAli Rikabi (kingdom)
Saadallah al-Jabiri (republic)
Formation17 April 1946; 78 years ago (1946-04-17)
DeputyDeputy Prime Minister
Salary18,285 USD annually[1]

The prime minister of Syria (Arabic: رئيس وزراء سوريا, romanizedraʾīs wuzarāʾ Sūriyā) is the head of Council of Ministers appointed by the President of the Syrian Arab Republic.[2]


The prime minister is appointed by the president of Syria, along with other ministers and members of the government that the new prime minister recommends.[3]

The People's Assembly of Syria then approves the legislative program of the new government, before the new government formally take office.[3]

There are no constitutional limits on a prime minister's term, and several of them served multiple non-consecutive terms.[4] The Syrian Presidency retains the constitutional authority to appoint or remove the Prime Minister and his Council of Ministers.[5]

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