Company typePrivate
HeadquartersIrvine, California
Key people
Marlon Woolforde, CEO
ProductsIndustrial print solutions
Number of employees
600 worldwide

Printronix is an American supplier of Industrial Print Solutions, Industrial Laser Printers and line and dot matrix printers. Printronix is based in Irvine, California, and operates across 14 offices worldwide.[1]


Printronix's printers are primarily used in industrial environments for printing high-volume labels, bar-codes, invoices, manifest and bill of lading documents, delivery sheets, reports, build/broadcast sheets, green bar and bank statements.

PrintNet Enterprise Suite (PNE), a web-based application allowing administrators to network and manage all Printronix line-matrix printers from a single computer, was launched in 2007.[2]

Printronix also offers consumables, parts, accessories, service and software.[3]


Printronix was founded in 1974 by Robert A. Kleist and business partners Gordon B. Barrus and David Mayne.

Barrus realized there was a capital need for businesses to store all their data via printing, so he quit his job at Data Products and started a company he named Eikon, marketing industrial-grade printers to businesses to fulfill this need. The company was not successful and Gordon regrouped to found the startup Printronix.

Initially working out of Leo Emenaker's garage in Playa Del Rey, California, Barrus developed and invented what he christened as the P300, a 300-line-per-minute (LPM) prototype line printer[4] series.

The company would eventually incorporate, go public on the Nasdaq, and experience great success in the ensuing years with the emergence of the personal computer.


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