Prisoner 2
Prisoner 2 Coverart.png
Designer(s)David Mullich
Programmer(s)Mike St. Jean
SeriesThe Prisoner
Platform(s)Apple II, Atari 8-bit, IBM PC

The Prisoner 2 1982 computer game by Edu-Ware is a remake of the 1980 game The Prisoner.


In 1982, Edu-Ware released a second version of the game entitled Prisoner 2, with color and improved high-resolution graphics replacing the original's top-down perspective with a first-person view. In addition to the Apple II, this version was also available on the Atari 8-bit and IBM PC platforms. While sometimes incorrectly considered a sequel due to its title, Prisoner 2 was essentially the same as the first Prisoner game, only with updated graphics and a limited number of design changes, several of which referenced other games:


Jeff Rovin for Videogaming Illustrated said that "A great piece of computergaming from both a design point of view and as a challenge, though the lack of originality is disappointing."[1]

C.J. Thorns for ANALOG Computing said that "Prisoner II is a superb package (I dare not call it a "game") that should provide weeks of entertainment. It goes far beyond the traditional "collect the right combination of treasures" adventure, and includes some diabolical arcade-like sequences to frustrate you even more."[2]

Jeff Hurlburt for SoftSide said that "Prisoner 2 is a superbly crafted adventuring experience. Surely among the more complex computer games, it will repay the involved player with hours of enjoyment in a variety of imaginative, challenging, often humorous scenarios."[3]

Softalk said that "You have been forewarned. The time and patient you devote to delving into the mysteries of the Island will be well spent. Be seeing you."[4]

Prisoner 2 was voted the fourth most popular fantasy game in the annual Softalk reader poll in its 1982 poll.[5]



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