Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain
First edition
AuthorJeffrey Moore
PublisherThistledown Press
Publication date
29 Nov 1999
Media typePrint
AwardsCommonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book (2000)

Prisoner in a Red-Rose Chain (also published as Red-Rose Chain[1]) is the first novel by Canadian author Jeffrey Moore[2] it won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book in 2000, and has been translated into a dozen different languages.

Plot Introduction

The novel chronicles the peregrinations of its love-obsessed picaresque hero, Jeremy Davenant, as he moves from York to Toronto to Montreal’s “Plateau district” and then back to York in pursuit of a destiny, that he believes is determined by a page ripped from an encyclopedia, which includes a university career based on a bogus PhD with a plagiarized thesis on the apocryphal Shakespeare play, A Yorkshire Tragedy, and the intermittently requited love of his “dark lady,” a Roma named Milena.



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