The Prissani or Pyritzans (Polish: Pyrzyczanie) were a medieval tribe in Pomerania. They were first mentioned as "Prissani" with 70 civitas by the Bavarian Geographer, ca. 845.[1] They are associated with the Pomeranians, and were based in the lower Oder region around the modern town of Pyrzyce (Pyritz).[2] The mention in the Bavarian Geographer is the only written record referring to the tribe.[2]

In the late 10th century, the Polish dukes Mieszko I and Bolesław I Chrobry subdued parts of Pomerania, but did not succeed to subdue the lower Oder region.[3] In 1121/22, the Polish duke Bolesław III Wrymouth conquered the area along with the Duchy of Pomerania under Wartislaw I.[4] The tribe was subsequently Christianized, missionary Otto of Bamberg celebrated the first mass baptism in Pyrzyce.[4] A separate tribal identity, if upheld so far, vanished when it was integrated in the Duchy of Pomerania.

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