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Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling
FoundedFebruary 15, 2002
StyleAmerican Wrestling
HeadquartersPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Founder(s)Larry Sharpe
Owner(s)The Blue Meanie (2002-2005)
Jasmin St. Claire (2002-2005)

Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling, or 3PW, was a hardcore professional wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It ran many shows from the former ECW Arena.[1] Following the close of Extreme Championship Wrestling, many former ECW veterans, such as Raven, The Sandman, Al Snow and Sabu, made frequent appearances in the promotion


The promotion was founded by Jasmin St. Claire and Brian "The Blue Meanie" Heffron and they were later joined by former Extreme Championship Wrestling promoter Tod Gordon.[2] In the beginning, 3PW brought in wrestling greats like Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Abdullah The Butcher and Bam Bam Bigelow to add to the roster.[3][4][5] The first 3PW shows ran at the ECW Arena, but when XPW Owner Rob Black signed an exclusive lease to the arena,[6] 3PW moved to The Electric Factory.

In 2004, 3PW had a show featuring a Blue World Order reunion with Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards.[7] The next month, 3PW hosted an NWA Florida X Division Championship match between Roderick Strong and Mikey Batts.[8]

In December 2004, however, problems began to surface. 3PW booker Tod Gordon resigned, walking out during a 3PW event following an argument with 3PW officials when there was apparently no money to pay wrestlers, security and other staff for the event.[9] In April, Jasmin St. Claire was officially replaced as CEO by Richard McDonald.[10] Rockin' Rebel took over as booker, but he and the Blue Meanie soon became involved in a business dispute with Pro Wrestling Unplugged owners Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid.[11] When St. Claire stopped receiving her royalty checks, she responded by putting the promotion up for sale in a one-day auction on although, no one responded to the $180,000 asking price.[12] Blue Meanie attempted to resurrect the company, but was unable to find an investor. The company's final show was on June 18, 2005. In 2007 Force Entertainment began Professionally repacking and distributing 3PW Events throughout Australia commercially and through the companies' websites, as such the DVD releases started turning up in supermarkets, video stores, and retail outlets.


Male wrestlers

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Don Adelberg Don E. Allen 2004–2005
Louis Almodovar Damian Adams 2002–2005
Michael Altieri Mikey Batts 2004
Prince Bandoh Prince Nana 2003
Nicholas Berk Nick Berk 2003
Scott Bigelow Bam Bam Bigelow 2002
Adam Birch Joey Matthews 2002–2004 [13][14]
Julian Bradley Kris Krude 2005
Phillip Brooks CM Punk 2002 [13]
Michael Brown Dylan Knight / Mike Brown 2002, 2005
Wagner Brown Slyk Wagner Brown 2004–2005
Terry Brunk Sabu 2002–2004 [13]
Steven Carrasquillo Monsta Mack 2003–2005
David Cash Kid Kash 2002–2003
Chris Chetti Chris Chetti 2002–2003 [13]
Scott Colton Colt Cabana 2002 [13]
Steve Corino Steve Corino 2002
John Corson Zandig 2003
Daniel Covell Christopher Daniels 2004–2005
James Cox James Storm 2005
Benito Cuntapay B-Boy 2005
Michael Depoli Amish Roadkill 2002–2005 [13]
Pat DiGiacomo White Lotus 2002 [13]
Michael Durham Johnny Grunge 2002, 2004
Nelson Erazo Homicide 2003, 2005 [14]
Thomas Farra Tommy Suede 2005
Chris Ford Crowbar 2002
Paul Fuchs III Paul E. Normous 2002
Jim Fullington The Sandman 2002–2004
Terry Funk Terry Funk 2003
Chris Guy Ace Steel 2002 [13]
Chris Hamrick Chris Hamrick 2002
Chris Harris Chris Harris 2005
Joshua Harter Chris Sabin 2004–2005
Donald Haviland Hack Meyers 2002 [13]
Brian Heffron The Blue Meanie 2002–2005 [15][16][17]
Curtis Hennig Curt Hennig 2002
John Jirus Xavier 2003 [14]
Allen Jones A.J. Styles 2003–2005
Matthew Kaye Matt Striker 2002–2005
Pat Kenney Simon Diamond 2004–2005
Ronnie Killings Ron Killings 2002
Ronald Knight Jason Knight 2002
Brian Knighton Axl Rotten 2002
Jerry Lawler Jerry "The King" Lawler 2002–2003
Scott Levy Raven 2003–2004 [14]
Chris Lindsey Roderick Strong 2004
Dan Lopez Mafia 2003
Jerry Lynn Jerry Lynn 2003–2004
James Maritato Little Guido 2002
Claude Marrow Ruckus 2003–2005
Nate Mattson N8 Mattson 2004–2005
Michael Mayo Jr. Mike Kruel 2003–2005
Angel Medina Angel 2002 [13]
Gregory Whitmoyer Greg Matthews 2005
Dan Morrison Danny Doring 2002 [13]
Kazushige Nosawa NOSAWA 2002–2003
Christopher Parks Abyss 2005
Ted Petty Rocco Rock 2002
Peter Polaco Justin Credible 2003, 2005 [14]
Matthew Polinsky Sterling James Keenan 2005
Matt Prince Wifebeater 2003–2004
Jonathan Rechner Balls Mahoney 2003
James Reiher Jimmy Snuka 2003
Charles Renner Devon Moore 2005
Ken Rinehurst Jack Victory 2003–2004
Virgil Runnels Jr. Dusty Rhodes 2002–2003
Allen Sarven Al Snow 2004
Charles Scaggs 2 Cold Scorpio 2004
Larry Shreve Abdullah the Butcher 2002–2003 [13]
Brandon Silvestry Low Ki 2003–2004
Jason Spence Christian York 2002–2003 [13][14]
Chris Spradlin Chris Hero 2002
Dennis Stewart Derek Wylde 2004
Robert Strauss Rob Eckos 2002–2005
Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan 2002–2003 [13]
John Toland Tank Toland 2002
Eric Tuttle Towel Boy 2002
Ephraim Vega Ricky Vega 2003–2004
Michael Verdi Trent Acid 2003, 2005
Sean Waltman Syxx-Pac 2002 [13]
William Welch The Messiah 2005
Billy Wiles Bill Wiles / Bilvis Wesley 2002
Chuck Williams

Rockin' Rebel 2002–2005 [13]
John Williams Ian Rotten 2002–2003
Gary Wolfe Pitbull #1 2002–2004 [13][18][19]
Jerome Young New Jack 2002
Unknown Caesar Smalls 2005
Unknown CJ O'Doyle 2003–2005
Unknown Dead Man Walking 2002 [13]
Unknown Del Tsunami 2002
Unknown Dirk Ciglar 2005
Unknown Drew Blood 2005
Unknown Greg Spitz 2005
Unknown Jay Money 2005
Unknown Josh Daniels 2002–2003, 2005 [13]
Unknown Jeff Rocker 2003
Unknown JT Moses 2005
Unknown Judas Gray 2005
Unknown Matt Vandal 2002
Unknown Mike Austin 2002
Unknown Murder One 2002
Unknown Orion 2002
Unknown Pierce St. John 2002
Unknown Rapid Fire Maldonado 2002
Unknown Ric Blade 2002–2003
Unknown Robert Pigeon 2002
Unknown Ron Zombie 2004–2005
Unknown Shawn Donavan 2002
Unknown Shirley Doe 2002
Unknown Super Hentai 2002
Unknown Teddy Fine 2005

Stables and tag teams

Tag team/Stable(s) Members Tenure(s)
America's Most Wanted Chris Harris and James Storm 2005
The Bad Breed Axl Rotten and Ian Rotten 2002
The Bad Street Boys Christian York and Joey Matthews 2002
Blackball'd Greg Matthews and The Rockin' Rebel 2005
Da Hit Squad Monsta Mack and Mafia 2003
Danny Doring and Roadkill Danny Doring and Roadkill 2002
Notorious Inc. Devon Moore and Drew Blood 2005
Pitbulls 2004 Gary Wolfe and Mike Kruel 2004
The Primetime Players Mike Brown and Teddy Fine 2005
The Public Enemy Johnny Grunge and Rocco Rock 2002

Managers and valets

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Stephanie Bellars George Frankenstein 2003
Rhea Calaveras Jasmin St. Claire 2002–2003 [13][18]
April Hunter April Hunter 2004–2005
Melissa Hiatt Missy Hyatt 2002–2003 [13]
Jamie Lynn Szantyr Talia 2004–2005
Unknown Diana 2002
Unknown Miss Candie 2002

Commentators and interviewers

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Bill Apter Bill Apter [20]

Other personnel

Birth name: Ring name(s): Tenure: Notes
Rhea Calaveras Jasmin St. Claire 2002–2003 Promoter[17][21]
Tod Gordon Tod Gordon 2002–2004 Booker[22]
Brian Heffron The Blue Meanie 2002–2005 Promoter
^ Indicates they are deceased.
^ Indicates they died while they were employed with 3PW.


3PW World Heavyweight Championship

Wrestler Times Date Place Notes
Gary Wolfe 1 August 24, 2002[23] Philadelphia, PA Won an 8-man tournament to become the 1st 3PW Champion.
Sabu 1 October 19, 2002[24] Philadelphia, PA
Gary Wolfe 2 December 28, 2002[25] Philadelphia, PA
Terry Funk 1 June 21, 2003[26] Philadelphia, PA
Justin Credible 1 August 16, 2003[27] Philadelphia, PA
Raven 1 November 22, 2003[28] Philadelphia, PA
Joey Matthews 1 April 17, 2004[29] Philadelphia, PA [30]
Christopher Daniels 1 August 21, 2004[31] Philadelphia, PA
Slyk Wagner Brown 1 February 19, 2005 [32] Philadelphia, PA
Amish Roadkill 1 May 21, 2005[33] Philadelphia, PA
Titles became defunct when the promotion closed down.

3PW Tag Team Championship

Wrestler Times Date Place Notes
Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter 1 August 21, 2004[31] Philadelphia, PA Won a battle royal to become 1st champions.
Pitbulls 2004 (Gary Wolfe & Mike Kruel) 1 October 16, 2004[34] Philadelphia, PA
Wolfe was stripped of the title due to a backstage incident.
Mike Kruel & Simon Diamond 1 February 19, 2005[32] Philadelphia, PA Diamond was awarded the title to replace Wolfe
Title vacated on March 29, 2005 when Kruel left 3PW.
Blackball'd (Rockin' Rebel & Greg Matthews) May 21, 2005[33] Won a battle royal to win the vacant titles.
Titles became defunct when the promotion closed down.


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