Pro Wrestling Wave
FoundedAugust 2007
StyleJoshi puroresu
HeadquartersNakano, Tokyo, Japan
Founder(s)Gami (booker)
Yumi Ohka
Tatsuya Takeshi (president)
Owner(s)Zabun Co., Ltd.
SisterOsaka Joshi Pro-Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Wave (プロレスリングWAVE, Puroresuringu Wēbu), is a women's professional wrestling, or Joshi Puroresu, promotion created in 2007 after the dissolution and closure of JDStar. The company was formed by Mikiko Futagami, or Gami, former JDStar wrestler Yumi Ohka, and former JDStar booker Tatsuya Takeshi, who assumed the role of President for the new company. The company has had a very slow growth and grassroots rise, and is one of the few women's promotions in Japan to do shows on weekdays.

2010 was the biggest year for Wave, which saw them run Tokyo's Korakuen Hall for the first time, along with their first television broadcast by Samurai! TV, which was also a first. Prior to the show, Wave's shows were (and still are) primarily sold as DVDs.

Gami wrestled her retirement match on December 30, 2013, but remains with the promotion behind the scenes, running it through Zabun, Co., Ltd.

On May 3, 2016, Wave announced it was launching its own internet streaming site, Wave Network, the following month.[1]



Ring name[2] Real name Notes
Chie Ozora Chiemi Shioya Freelancer
Haruka Umesaki Unknown Freelancer
Hikari Shimizu Unknown Freelancer
Honoka Unknown
Itsuki Aoki Aika Aoki Freelancer
Kizuna Tanaka Kizuna Tanaka
Kohaku Unknown
Nagisa Nozaki Nagisa Nozaki
Mio Momono Unknown Freelancer
Miyuki Takase Unknown Freelancer[3]
Ranmaru Unknown Freelancer
Risa Sera Risa Okuda Freelancer
Wave Tag Team Champion
Saki Saki Watanabe Wave Tag Team Champion
Sakura Hirota Sakura Hirota
Tomoka Inaba Unknown Freelancer
Veny Unknown
Yuki Miyazaki Yuki Miyazaki Wave Single Champion
Yumi Ohka Yumiko Abe


Notable alumni




As of July 9, 2024

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Location Notes
Wave Single Championship Yuki Miyazaki 1 December 24, 2023 198+ Kawasaki, Japan Defeated Veny at WAVE Carnival Wave ~ Christmas Deluxe.
Wave Tag Team Championship
(Risa Sera and Saki)
(3, 5)
March 17, 2024 114+ Osaka, Japan Defeated Naniwa☆Ordinary Beauty (Hibiscus Mii and Ranmaru) at WAVE Osaka Rhapsody Vol. 60.

Other promoted

Championship Current champion(s) Reign Date won Days held Defenses Location Notes
World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Championship Haruka Umesaki 1 April 29, 2023 437+ 1 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Ayako Sato at Diana.

Annual tournaments

Tournament Last winner Last held Type Created Notes
Catch the Wave Miyuki Takase July 1, 2021 Openweight 2009 An annual round-robin tournament held from early-May to early mid-July.
Dual Shock Wave Sareee and Hibiki 2020 Tag team 2011 An annual tournament held from September to October. Originally a single-elimination tournament, in 2012 changed to round-robin format.
One Day 6-Person Tag Tournament Kuros
(Mio Shirai, Misaki Ohata and Tsukasa Fujimoto)
November 26, 2014 Six-woman tag team 2013 An annual single-elimination tournament held in November.
Zan-1 Mika Iida December 29, 2017 Openweight 2012 An annual tournament, which includes a battle royal, rock-paper-scissors tournament and a fan vote, to determine the number one contender to the Wave Single Championship.


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