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Production control room at Sky Sport24, PCR.
Production control room at Sky Sport24, PCR.

The production control room (PCR) or studio control room (SCR) is the place in a television studio in which the composition of the outgoing program takes place.[1]

The production control room is occasionally also called an SCR or a gallery – the latter name comes from the original placement of the director on an ornately carved bridge spanning the BBC's first studio at Alexandra Palace which was once referred to as like a minstrels' gallery.[2] Master control is the technical hub of a broadcast operation common among most over-the-air television stations and television networks. Master control is distinct from a PCR in television studios where the activities such as switching from camera to camera are coordinated. A transmission control room (TCR) is usually smaller in size and is a scaled-down version of centralcasting.

Production control room facilities

A virtual monitor wall in a PCR at RTL Television
A virtual monitor wall in a PCR at RTL Television

Facilities in a production control room include:


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