The Professional Publishers Association (PPA),[1] formerly known as the Periodical Publishers Association until 2011,[2] is the main publishing industry body[3] which promotes companies involved in the production of media, supporting the creative economy at governmental level[4] in the United Kingdom.


The organisation was first founded in 1913[5] as the Society of Weekly Newspapers and Periodical Proprieters to discuss matters around unionisation, distribution and material supplies in the early 20th Century. It celebrated its centenary on November 19, 2013.[6]


Much of the PPA's work is carried out through events, committees and public relations work as documented in their extensive archive of organisational documents dating back to 1942.[7] The association now also covers digital media[8] and a specific committee for smaller, independent publishers, the PPA Independent Publishers Network (IPN).[9]

The current CEO of the PPA is Owen Meredith, appointed in 2020[10] after Barry McIlheney stepped down after 10 years in the post.[11] The current Chairman of the PPA Board is Tom Bureau, also appointed in 2020[12] after being deputy chair for a year.[13] The organisation's branch in Scotland caters specifically for publishing businesses in that region.[14] The Chairman of PPA Scotland is John Innes.

Awards and events

The PPA Awards are run annually to recognise talent and excellence in the publishing industry. Relaunched in 2019.[15] CampaignLive billed the 2020 awards as the "magazine Oscars".[16][17] In 2020, the PPA Awards for Editor of the Year was won by Vogue magazine's Edward Enninful and the inaugural Diversity Initiative of the Year awarded to Meghan Markle's guest-edited "Forces for Change" issue.[18][19]

Other events and awards run by the organisation are the PPA Independent Publisher Conference & Awards aimed at independent publications,[20] the PPA New Talent/30 Under 30 Awards to recognise young professionals in the industry, and the PPA Festival.[21] In 2019, the UK's Culture Secretary (minister), Jeremy Wright spoke at the PPA Festival.[22]

New initiatives include the first ever industry-wide survey to boost diversity and inclusion in publishing, in the wake of its inaugural PPA Award and PPA Independent Publishing award.[23]


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