Progress M-09M
Progress M-09M approaches the
ISS on 29 January 2011.
Mission typeISS resupply
COSPAR ID2011-004A
SATCAT no.37359
Mission duration88 days
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeProgress-M s/n 409
ManufacturerRKK Energia
Start of mission
Launch date28 January 2011, 01:31:39 UTC
Launch siteBaikonur, Site 1/5
End of mission
Decay date26 April 2011, 13:23 UTC
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGeocentric[1]
RegimeLow Earth
Perigee altitude260 km
Apogee altitude301 km
Period90.12 minutes
Epoch28 January 2011
Docking with ISS
Docking portPirs Nadir
Docking date30 January 2011, 02:39 UTC
Undocking date22 April 2011, 12:38 UTC
Time docked82 days
Mass2666 kg
Pressurised1444 kg (dry cargo)
Fuel752 kg
Gaseous50 kg (oxygen)
Water420 kg
Progress ISS Resupply

Progress M-09M (Russian: Прогресс М-09М), identified by NASA as Progress 41P, is a Progress spacecraft which was launched in 2011 to resupply the International Space Station. It was the ninth Progress-M 11F615A60 spacecraft to be launched, and has the serial number 409. The spacecraft was manufactured by RKK Energia, and is operated by the Russian Federal Space Agency. It arrived at the space station during Expedition 26, and undocked during Expedition 27.

Launch and docking

Progress M-09M was launched from Pad 1/5 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome,[2] on 28 January 2011 at 01:31:39 UTC.[3] The launch used a Soyuz-U carrier rocket, which placed the Progress spacecraft into a low Earth orbit with a perigee of 193.5 kilometres (120.2 mi) and an apogee of 254.6 kilometres (158.2 mi), inclined at 51.65°. The Progress spacecraft subsequently raised its orbit, and manoeuvred to rendezvous with the space station. It arrived at the ISS on 30 January 2011, successfully docking to the nadir port of the Pirs at 02:39 UTC.[4][5]


Progress M-09M is carrying 2,666 kilograms (5,878 lb) of cargo to the space station, consisting of 1,444 kilograms (3,183 lb) of dry cargo, 752 kilograms (1,658 lb) of propellant, 50 kilograms (110 lb) of oxygen and 420 kilograms (930 lb) of water. Of the fuel aboard the spacecraft, 250 kilograms (550 lb) are reserved for orbital manoeuvres whilst docked, such as raising or lowering the station's orbit, whilst the remaining 502 kilograms (1,107 lb) will be used for refuelling the station itself.[2]

The dry cargo aboard Progress M-09M includes parts for the oxygen and water supply systems and the thermal control system, as well as equipment for hardware control and the station's electrical and telemetry systems. Also aboard the spacecraft is 147 kilograms (324 lb) of equipment for conducting scientific research aboard the station.[2] For the crew, food, medical and hygiene equipment will also be delivered, as well as documentation and personal items including books by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and a birthday present for station commander Scott Kelly.[6]

The ARISSAT-1 or Kedr of 30 kg, miniaturised satellite was delivered to the ISS aboard Progress M-09M. It is an amateur radio satellite which will be deployed from the station during an EVA on 16 February 2011. The satellite will be operated by RSC Energia,[6] and is part of the RadioSkaf programme. It is intended to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the Vostok 1 mission.[7]


Total cargo mass delivered: 2666 kg.

Item description[8] Mass (kg)
Propellant in the propulsion system tanks for the ISS needs 250
Propellant in the refuelling system tanks 502
Oxygen 50
Water in the Rodnik system tanks 420
Items in the cargo compartment 1444
Gas supply system 7
Water supply system 106
Thermal control system 9
On-board hardware control system 4
Electrical power supply system 77
Telemetry data system (BITS2-12) 1
Maintenance and repair equipment 4
Sanitary and hygienic items 71
Food containers, fresh products 222
Medical equipment, linen, personal hygienic and prophylactics items 106
Russian crew's hardware 138
Science experimental hardware, including hardware for Photon-Gamma, Typology, SVCh-radiometria, Biodegradation, Kedr satellite, experimental items 147
On-board documentation files, crew provisions, video- and photo-equipment 23
MRM-1 hardware 16
Soyuz TMA-M hardware 2
SM-hardware 2
MRM-2- hardware 5
FGB-hardware 140
US Orbital Segment hardware 371

Undocking and deorbit

Progress M-09M departs the ISS on 22 April 2011.
Progress M-09M departs the ISS on 22 April 2011.

Progress M-09M was undocked from the Pirs module at 11:41 UTC on 22 April 2011.[9] After departing the space station, the spacecraft was used for Radar-Progress scientific experiment to investigate a reflection feature of the plasma generated by operations of the Progress propulsion.[10] Upon the completion of this experiment the spacecraft was deorbited, and reentered over the "spacecraft cemetery" in the South Pacific Ocean. The deorbit manoeuvre was performed on 26 April 2011, with debris falling into the ocean at 13:23 UTC.[11][12]

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