Progressive Constitutional Party
Maltese: Partit Kostituzzjonali Progressiv (Maltese name never used)
LeaderMabel Strickland
Split fromConstitutional Party
NewspaperTimes of Malta (de facto)
IdeologyBritish Monarchism
Pro-Dominion status
ReligionRoman Catholicism

The Progressive Constitutionalist Party (PCP) was a political party in Malta between 1953 and 1971.


The PCP was established in 1953 by Mabel Strickland, owner of the Times of Malta and daughter of Gerald Strickland, the founder of the Constitutional Party.[1] It was a split from the Constitutional Party, which Strickland had left in protest against its support for the Labour Party's policy of integration with the United Kingdom.[1]

The party failed to win a seat in elections in 1953 and 1955, but won a single seat in the 1962 elections. However, it lost its seat in the post-independence 1966 elections. After failing to win a seat in the 1971 elections it subsequently disappeared.[2]


The party promoted loyalty to the Catholic church and the British Crown, but advocated dominion status for Malta to avoid any cultural assimilation or secularisation that integration with the United Kingdom would bring.[2] It also held a strict anti-communist line.[1]

Electoral history

Election Leader Votes % Seats +/– Rank Status
1953 Mabel Strickland 5,128
0 / 40
New 4th Extra-Parliamentary
1955 3,649
0 / 40
Steady 0 Increase 3rd
1962 7,290
1 / 40
Increase 1 Decrease 5th "Umbrella" Coalition
1966 2,009
0 / 40
Decrease 1 Increase 4th Extra-Parliamentary
1971 1,756
0 / 40
Steady 0 Increase 3rd
Party dissolved


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