Typedaily sports
PublisherSotiris Poulopoulos
Editor-in-chiefSotiris Poulopoulos
EditorSotiris Poulopoulos
Associate editorMixalis Morfonios
Staff writers40
Ceased publicationUnknown
HeadquartersMelissia, Athens

Protathlitis (Greek: Πρωταθλητής/Champion) is a Greek daily sports newspaper. It was founded on April 2, 1998 by Themos Anastasiadis . After Anastasiadis left the newspaper it became part of the business group “SAJP” which is owned by publisher and businessman Sotiris Poulopoulos. The newspaper is a strong supporter of Olympiacos F.C. The newspaper has shown over the years its legitimacy by being the first to publish news for Olympiacos F.C.

Founded in 1998 Protathlitis has been one of the leaders in the Sports Press market . During its years it has and still is revealing everything about the club it supports . Fans of Olympiacos are strong supporters of the Newspaper .