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Psi Sigma Phi
The official Shield of Psi Sigma Phi
FoundedDecember 12, 1990; 32 years ago (1990-12-12)
Montclair State University and New Jersey City University
EmphasisMulticulturalism and Service
MottoMulticultural by birth, not by choice

"Our Sword is Education."

"Our Shield is Brotherhood."

"Our Armor is Multiculturalism."

"Our Steed is Service."
Colors  Black
SymbolAlmighty Knight
NicknamePhimen, Phiman
Headquarters344 Grove Street, #4017
Jersey City, NJ 07302
United States

Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity, Inc. (ΨΣΦ) was founded December 12, 1990, at Montclair State University and New Jersey City University. The Eighteen Founding Fathers believed that multiculturalism is not indicative of the physical composition of an organization on a chapter or national level; it is viewed as a state of mind––a philosophy that embraces any and all aspects of cultural identity with unconditional respect and equality.

About Psi Sigma Phi

Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural Fraternity Inc. was co-founded on December 12, 1990, at Montclair State University and New Jersey City University (at the time Jersey City State College) as a service-oriented, multicultural fraternity.

At the time of its founding, male college students could join only mainstream fraternities or fraternities that were predominantly Latin-American, African-American, or Asian-American. Psi Sigma Phi's founders created the fraternity to emphasize the importance of multiculturalism in the lives of college students.

Psi Sigma Phi's fraternal goal is to establish a unique bond among men of different cultures. This goal is to be accomplished through hard work, sacrifice and courage from all of its brothers - brothers who together strive to break social fears and ignorance.


Psi Sigma Phi's national philanthropy is the Kidney and Urology Foundation. Other services participated in on a national level include:

Chapters and Colonies

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