Psychotropic alkylamines are alkylamines that share the critical property of not containing an aromatic nucleus, but are still biologically active. While many of these molecules are stimulants, others are antiviral, have competitive NMDA antagonist activity, or are nicotinic receptor antagonists.

Compound Core Other N Substituent Pharmacology
Neramexane Cyclohexyl 1,3,3,5,5-Pentamethyl 1-NH2 NMDA antagonist
Amantadine adamantane 1-NH2 antiviral, NMDA antagonist, catecholamine releaser, cholinergic
Memantine " 3,5-DiMe " NMDA antagonist
Rimantadine " CH3CH NH2 antiviral
Cyclopentamine cyclopentane n-propyl 2-NHMe Sympathomimetic vasoconstrictor
Propylhexedrine cyclohexane " " "
Methylhexanamine n-hexane 4-methyl 2-NH2 "
Tuaminoheptane n-heptane 2-NH2 "
Octodrine " 6-methyl " "
Mecamylamine norbornane 1-exo-2,2-trimethyl 1-endo-NHMe nicotinic antagonist