Pyroxene pallasite grouplet
— Grouplet —
CompositionMeteoric iron, silicate minerals (pyroxene)
Total known specimens2

The pyroxene pallasite grouplet is a subdivision of the pallasite meteorites (stony-irons).[1]

The grouplet is named "pyroxene pallasites" because they are the only pallasites that contain pyroxene. The grouplet was proposed in 1995.[2] It currently has only 2 members: the Vermillion and Yamato 8451 meteorite. Both meteorites contain pyroxene and have a number of other similarities: for example their pyroxene composition, rare-earth element concentrations, and oxygen isotope ratios. However, there are also indicators against the grouping of these two meteorites: for example the texture and occurrence of cohenite in the Vermillion meteorite and the differing siderophile trace element concentrations.[2]

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